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Welcome to Milton Sattler Therapy

"I can’t promise the story has a happy ending. What happens to us, it may only have the sense that we make of it. But I do know that it’s in telling the story that we learn who we are. And maybe see who we might become."
Robert Ellman (therapist) to Clay (client) Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

Do you feel that you would like, or need, to change?

Therapy can help you on your journey of change.

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GP, She/Her

Milton is a great therapist as he’s able to go through specific topics with the patient in a non-judgemental way, yet demonstrating empathy, while challenging deep routed unhealthy thoughts and feelings. Milton has also always demonstrated a high level of professionalism, whether through the knowledge of his field of work, punctuality, resourcefulness and extra support outside the therapy room through other treatment recommendations such as mindfulness, tests and etc. The fact that Milton is bi-cultural is an excellent asset as he’s able to understand the challenges faced not only by foreign nationals in the UK but also the difficulties faced by the LGBTQ and other minority communities. For these reasons and more I would definitely recommend Milton’s therapy services to everyone who is seeking to understand themselves and move into a more positive state of mind.

FF, Mr

I have been always sceptical about therapy, believing I could overcome any difficulties with my rationality. And this of course has been the major obstacle to understanding. Milton's great attention and ability to record in detail our sessions allowed him to gently guide me through my contradictions and disconnections with a warm empathy. The request for clarification always opened my eyes to different possible points of view which helped to gain a more realistic measure of my issues.
Milton integrity and professionalism made every session the safe place to open up and I never felt 'worked out. Reaching out for help was the best opportunity I ever gave to myself and I am grateful to Milton for the learning.

LR, Ms

As a first-time user of therapy, my experience with Milton has been great. I have found our sessions to be very beneficial in helping me process and reflect on the issues which encouraged me to seek out therapy as an option. In just the first few months I have personally felt there’s been progress and change in the way I’m seeing things which is exactly what I was hoping for. I’ve also gained a much better understanding of the value therapy can bring and would absolutely suggest everyone consider it as a means of support and considerate challenge to navigate or better understand their issues.

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ZE, They/Them

[Milton] has been a massive part of me being able to regain a part of myself that I thought were potentially lost, and challenge part of myself I was too scared to confront. I really appreciate [Milton's]works and himself.
Thank you!

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AR, He/His

Very patient and I felt very comfortable talking to him after just a few sessions.

LM, Mr

I came in not sure if I would be able to resolve my issues via this method. It took a lot of work and I got there in the end. I have learned a lot about myself and I am confident that I will be able to expand on the work here in the future.

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Milton is patient, proffesional and non-judgemental. I worked with him for 6months and feel that he has really helped me achive my therapeutic objectives. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a supportive, attentive and astute therapist.    

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PB, He/His

Thank you Milton, for all the guidance and support you gave me.

Thanks to you I have learned to accept myself and my past which has enabled me to focus on enjoying life to the full and achieving my goals.

You created a warm environment in your session that was free of any judgement.

NK, Ms

I  started my therapy 5 months ago and I was crippled by my illness. Mr Milton who is very understanding and caring create for me a safe environment to talk about my fears and previous experiences. I feel so much better and in control of my symptoms which were impossible before. Right now I enjoy healthy and peaceful life which would not be possible without his help. He has made a major impact on my life and my friends and family.

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AC, He, Him

Thank you Milton for a life-changing journey which enabled me to explore and love myself more.

With the help of CBT, psychodynamic and psychosexual therapy, I have
been able to heal from trauma that held me back and overcome a number of my anxieties.

Moving forward, I feel confident that the tools I have gathered during my
therapeutic journey will help me deal with the different feelings and emotions I will
encounter during the course of my life.

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WS, He, They

Part I - I came to therapy at a very confusing and uncertain time in my life, struggling with my gender identity, struggling with a lot more unresolved trauma than I was aware of. And working with Milton over the past two and a half years has been great! Due to my experiences in life I'd developed issues around trust and intimacy and over our time together Milton's helped me to learn and trust in our relationship, which has helped me to grow and to trust in others. Because of this I've been able to cultivate new relationships and friendships in my life and to help heal old relationships like with my family.   

Genderfluid Genderflexible.png

WS, He, They

Part II - I feel so much more grounded now, both in my life and in myself, and this has given me the space to work through a lot of the issues from my childhood and to understand where my problems with trust and intimacy came from, but it's also give me the space to explore and examine my gender identity. I just feel like more of a whole person really and I'm beyond grateful to Milton and the warmth and kindness he's shown me in working together because I don't think I would have been able to get here without his help.

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